Best Private University in Bangladesh [ Public Vote ]

Which is the Best Private University in Bangladesh? Let’s come to the Question later!

Universities in Bangladesh are mainly categorized into three different types: Public, Private and International.  Studying in public universities is very difficult for any student as they have limited seats. So many students of Bangladesh prefer to study in private universities. Every year more and more students are enrolling into many private universities of Bangladesh.

Currently there are 92 private universities in Bangladesh which are approved by UGC and operational. And the number is increasing day by day.


Private universities are, without any doubt, playing an important role to build an educated nation as well as to create skilled manpower here in Bangladesh. For their educational and other facilities, private universities have become part and parcel of our education system.

Anyways, it is not at all necessary to show the importance of private university. Rather, it is important to let the students know the best private universities in Bangladesh so that they can enroll into them without thinking much about its quality and reputation.

It is always a tough task to choose one from all the private universities of Bangladesh. Students often get confused about the university they should choose to study in. Keeping this in mind, we started voting system for the best private universities of Bangladesh. Many of us know well about many universities. So our experience and idea can help to find out the best universities of Bangladesh.

Vote to Select the Best Private University in Bangladesh

Voting: What are Certain Things to Keep in Mind

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You can vote for 2 universities.

Choose university according to their reputation, education facilities, campus facilities, research facilities, environment, lab facilities, education system, sufficiency and quality of teachers and extracurricular activities.


Vote up to 2 Universities that are the best you think!
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There is no government or any other official ranking. This rank is based on students’ choice and university’s facilities(Lab, Faculty, Class, Extra Curriculum) for students. So, anyone can have different ideas about it and disagree with it. will not be liable for any issues caused by this list.