HSC examination to begin from April 2

HSC Exam Routine

We already know that this year’s HSC examination is starting from 2nd April. Hope everyone is well prepared for the exam. Today I am going to point few things so that you can make the most use of your preparation and time.

If you are an HSC examinee, you should know or maybe you know the ways how you can do better in the exam. But do you really follow them? Probably not. So here’s how you can make the most use of your ability to do well.

Firstly, be confident. Do not compare yourself with others. Someone might be ahead of you in preparation but that doesn’t guarantee anything. Make your own study plan and keep going. Only you know what is better for you, not others. If there’s not enough time to complete any new chapter or questions, leave it. Try to revise everything you have already covered.

Secondly, you should divide your time. I know you know it but do you really follow? You must divide your time according to the questions you are going to answer. Otherwise, you will surely suffer from time tragedy. And there’s nothing worse than that. If your handwriting is slow, you must shorten your answer. You surely can’t miss a single question resulting from writing another lengthy one.

Moreover, try to use both blue and black ink. You can write points using a blue pen and description with a black pen. This will make the answer more elegant.

Finally, you can’t afford to leave any marks. Try to answer all at any cost. As you are an HSC examinee, only the word ‘uncommon’ can be uncommon to you. But you should start answering those question first which you can answer very well.

Good luck to you all for the exam. Stay blessed and sharp.

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