Dhaka University Admission Circular

Dhaka University first-year honours 2016-17 session admission tests will start from the 23rd September.

Online application for admission will start from tomorrow 22 August and students will be able to apply online till September 7.

The fee for the admission test is 350tk.

Admission tests dates of Dhaka University

As usual the admission tests of different units will be held on different dates. Unit-wise dates of admission tests are mentioned below-

  • A (Ka) unit : 21st October
  • B (Kha) Unit : 23rd September
  • C (Ga) Unit : 30th September
  • D (Gha) Unit : 28th October
  • F (Cha) Unit : 24th September ( General Knowledge) and 1st October ( Drawing)

Application Requirements of Dhaka University

A (ka) Unit

To apply for ‘A’ Unit, students of Science and Agriculture Science need to have at least 8 points including 4th subject combined in SSC and HSC (equivalent of these exams) examination. If any students have below 3.5 in any of these exams, he/she will not be able to apply even if he/she has 8 points combined.

B (kha) Unit

Apply for ‘B’ Unit, students of Humanities need to have at least 7 points including 4th subject.

C (Ga) Unit

Students of Business Studies need to have at least 7.5 points including 4th subject to apply for the ‘C’ Unit.

D (Gha) Unit

To apply for ‘D’ Unit,

Humanities Students need to have 7 points including 4th subjects combined in SSC and HSC examination.

Students of Science, Agriculture Science and Home economics students need to have 8 points including 4th subjects.

Students of Business Studies and Diploma in Business Studies and management need to have 7.5 points including 4th subject.

F (Cha) Unit

To apply for F unit students need to have at least 6.5 points including 4th subject.

More details about the requirement to apply in each unit will be mentioned in the admission instruction of the university.

The Application Procedure and Payment information will be found http://admission.eis.du.ac.bd/