How to Become a Chartered Accountant?

Where to study CA and ACCA in Bangladesh?

Chartered Accountants (CAs) are highly qualified professionals who have completed the required degree level study supplemented with workplace experience and a professional competence programmed. The importance of Chartered Accountants has grown tremendously with the rise in trade and progress of the economy. Chartered Accountancy is the core of all business, and is both a rewarding and challenging job. Some of the various functions of Chartered Accountants are to prepare financial statements, develop financial plans, take care of audits, tax filings, bookkeeping, etc.

Where to Study CA & ACCA in Bangladesh?

To become a Chartered Accountant one has to complete CA course to keep himself/herself professionally competitive. Luckily for us, there’s Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh which offers Chartered Accountant designation.

Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh (ICAB) is the sole Organization in Bangladesh with the right to award the associate Chartered Accountant designation. It was founded in 1973.

Admission Requirements for CA and ACCA

Educational Qualification

One can get admitted for CA course after passing HSC. In that case, he/she has to have GPA 5 in at least one of SSC or HSC exam and needs to have at least 9 points combined in SSC and HSC.

English Medium students need to have at least 38 points in O-Level and at least 12 points in A-Level.

Anyone, who completed graduation or under graduation in any subject, will also be able to get admitted for CA course. In that case, he/she has to have at least 2.5(out of 4) or 3(out of 5) CGPA.

Other Requirements

The first step of the CA course admission is to join an organization/farm running under ICAB. These farms/organizations verify the financial accounts of various companies. As a result, students get the opportunity to get practical knowledge. These farms take students after taking some test on math and accounting. There are 170 CA farms in Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, and Sylhet.

Course Duration

There’s no fixed duration for the course as exams are taken in the international order. Usually, the course takes 4 years for HSC/O level students and 3 years for graduates and undergraduates.

Cost of ACCA, CA

The registration fee for CA course is 30000Tk. Cost of books, coaching fees are included in the registration fee.

The course has 3 levels- knowledge level, application level, and advanced level. The knowledge level has 7 subjects. Each subject will cost 1300tk as examination fee.

Then comes the application level. It also has 7 subjects and each subject will cost 3000tk as examination fee.

The advanced level has 3 subjects. This level will cost 43000tk including case studies.

On the other hand, students will get an allowance at a fixed rate every month from his/her associated farm during the probationary period.

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