HSC admission 2016 : How to apply


HSC admission 2016 will start from 26 May. Likewise previous year, this year’s HSC admission process will be done through online system. Admission is open till 9 June, 2016. Those who applied for rescrutiny will have to apply for HSC admission during this time.

A student can apply for as much as 10 colleges through online and 10 more through SMS. The online application will cost 150tk for all 10 colleges. Applying via SMS will cost 120tk for a college and students will be able to apply for only 1 college or 1 shift at a time via SMS.

How to Apply

Here is how to apply online for HSC admission

Step 1: Paying admission fee

To apply online, students will have to pay admission fee first. Admission fee is payable only via Teletalk Mobile.

To pay admission fee, type

CAD<space>WEB<space>First 3 Letter of Board<space>Roll<space>Year<space>Registration No.

And send it 16222.

Example: CAD WEB DHA 123456 2016 1234567890 and send it to 16222

Here “DHA” is the first 3 letter of board, “123456” is roll number, “2016” is year and “1234567890” registration number.

A pin and amount of admission fee will be notified in the return SMS. Then if you are agreed to pay the fee, type

CAD<space>YES<space>PIN<space>Mobile number

And send it to 16222

Example: CAD YES 12345678 018XXXXXXXX

If the admission fee is correctly deposited, a confirmation SMS with a Transaction ID will be sent to mobile.

Here “12345678” is PIN and “018XXXXXXXX” mobile number. The result and all info about admission will be sent to the mobile number one adds in the SMS.

Note: A mobile number registered through Biometric System is required.

Step 2: Submitting Application

  • After paying the admission fee, visit www.xiclassadmission.gov.bd and click apply online.
  • Then enter your Roll number, Board, Year, Reg. No.
  • If you enter the above items correctly, you will be able to see your name, father’s name, mother’s name, and grade.
  • If you don’t see your name and other info after entering Roll, Reg. No. correctly, you have to enter money receipt (Transaction ID). After 30 minutes of completing this process, you will be able to apply online.
  • Then enter the mobile number. This mobile number will be used to send any information about admission. So you have to enter it twice to make sure you are entering it right.
  • Then Select your group, shift, and version. You can select 10 colleges here. Choosing a college is very important. Before choosing the college you must know about the college and the grade it asks for. You can ask your parents or guardian to make a list of colleges you want to apply.
  • After entering all the necessary data, click “Submit”. After submission, a form will appear with the details of the application. If you want, you can download and print the form.

NOTE:  Students won’t have to apply online for all 10 colleges at a time. If you want, you can apply 3/4 colleges first and remaining 7/6 whenever they want during admission date.


Application via SMS

Students can apply via SMS through Teletalk Mobile. To apply via SMS, type

CAD<space>EIIN number of the college you want to apply<space>Keyword of the group you want to apply<space>first 3 letter of your Board<space>Roll<space>Year<space>Reg. No. <space>First letter of shift(Type “N” if there’s no shift) <space>first letter of version

And send it to 16222

Example: CAD 143432 SC DHA 123456 2016 1234567890 D B

And send it to 16222

*EIIN number: To find EIIN number of college, contact with the college or contact us or visit our college prospectus

*Keyword of group:  For General education board,

Type SC for Science group, HU for Humanities, BS for Business Studies, HS for Home Science, IS for Islamic Studies and MC for Music.

For Madrasha board,

Type SC for Science, GE for General and MU for Muzabbid.

*Shift: Type M for Morning shift, D for Day Shift, E for Evening Shift. And if there’s no shift in the college you are applying, type N.

*Version: Type B for Bangla version and type E for English version.

A pin and amount of admission fee will be notified with other details in the return SMS. If you agreed to apply, then type

CAD<space>YES<space>PIN<space>Mobile number

And send it to 16222.

Example: CAD YES 12345678 018XXXXXXXX

That’s all.