Leather Engineering opportunity In Bangladesh


The leather industry is in the fourth position in term of exporting leather and leather product of Bangladesh and one of the most growing industries of Bangladesh. So the demand for meritorious and creative leather Engineer is increasing day by day.


Leather engineering is a profession that deals with the application of scientific, engineering and technological principles to the design and control of all aspects of leather processing, leather materials, leather chemistry, leather products design, manufacturing system, and machinery.

The core subjects of Leather engineering are as follows-

  • Biochemistry of proteins,
  • principles of Pre-Tannage,
  • Analytical chemistry of pre –Tanning materials,
  • Biotechnology of Leather manufacture,
  • Mechanics Leather Machines,
  • Methods of leather manufacture,
  • Post-tanning operations,
  • Analytical Chemistry of Post tanning & finishing agents,
  • Analytical Chemistry of leather.

Besides these departmental subject basic electrical engineering, computer fundamental and programming, computer-aided graphics design, basic mechanical engineering subjects are also taught in 4 years Leather engineering Curse.

After completing B.Sc in Leather Engineering, students can get M.Sc in the same subject. A leather Engineer can apply for any kind of jobs such as-

Leather Engineer and  Chemical engineer in:

  • In Footwear Industry
  • In Leather Products Industry
  • In Leather Products Development Industry
  • In Polymer Industry
  • In Dyeing Industry
  • And Waste Management Industry

As the leather industry, in Bangladesh, is growing rapidly, the demand for talented and creative leather engineer is rising as well. There are not many leather Engineers available in Bangladesh. So our country has to hire Leather Engineer from other countries every year.

There’s not much opportunity for Bangladeshi students to become a leather engineer. Only two universities offer Leather Engineering course in Bangladesh. They are Dhaka University and Khulna University of Engineering and Technology (KUET)

Bangladesh Leather Engineering and technology faculty of Dhaka University has 3 departments. They are – Leather Engineering, Footwear Engineering, and Leather Product Engineering. It has all the modern facilities to provide leather engineering theoretically and practically. Only lacking is its limited seat facility. Only 120 students get the chance of getting admitted in Bangladesh Leather Engineering and Technology faculty of DU. But it is a message of hope that it has the plan to increase its seat facility to a large number in the near future.

KUET has 60 seats for Leather Engineering course.