New type of answer sheet to be used in NU exams

National University result

There have been some changes in the answer sheet used in National University exams. NU instructed to follow some rules upon using new type answer sheet.

Details and instructions about the new answer sheet are given below.

  • Use of previously used OMR form has been canceled. A new OMR form has been made and this OMR will be used in all exams of NU.
  • There will be a 4 digits TMIS ID instead of previously used 3 digit exam code in the new answer sheet.
  • Students will have to check if there are a serial number and Litho code in the OMR form they get. OMR form cannot be used if any of these serial number or Litho code is missing.
  • Students will have to write the serial number carefully in the attendance sheet. If anyone makes any mistake in the serial number or doesn’t write at all, he/she will be considered absent.

From now on National University requested to use new OMR form in all exams taken under NU. NU informed all the colleges to return previously used OMR and take new OMR.

For more information, visit National university’s website.