Study Abroad : University of Queensland

Scholarship in Australia at University of Queensland

The University of Queensland is one of the top 50 universities in the world. Its campus has its own parkland, lake and sporting grounds- a complete set for clubs and societies.

The University of Queensland is a leader in biotechnology, marine science, and engineering. It also offers many other courses in English, History, Political Science and Sociology faculties. It has research laboratories, inspiring academics and a campus culture that helps a student in academic debate and discoveries.

Scholarship in Australia at University of Queensland

Courses and Programs

UQ offers a very wide range of courses for international students. Most of the courses are open to study abroad and exchange students. One can apply to any courses he/she wants if his/her country home institution approved them.

Here is the list of programs offered by UQ-

  • Agribusiness, agriculture, Environment, and Science,
  • Business, Economics, and Law
  • Engineer, Architecture and Planning, and Information and Technology
  • Health, Humanities, Music, Education, and Psychology


There are six faculties at the University of Queensland. They are-

Within each faculty, there are various schools and Centers which provide theoretical and research study.

How to Apply

To find your course, follow these simple steps

  • go to and search for your course
  • Click on your desired course to know details about it. Details such as- Graduate or Undergraduate, on which campus it is offered and which semester it is offered
  • If the curse is pre-approved for Study Abroad, students won’t need any special permission from UQ to enroll in the course. But is it’s not pre-approved, students will have to meet prerequisites to enroll in the course.


A student need to meet these following requirements to apply for any course at the University of Queensland

  •  A student must have completed at least one full-time year of study at an accredited university
  • A student must be currently enrolled at an accredited university
  • A student must hold average to above-average results in university studies to date
  • A student must meet UQ’s English Language Proficiency requirements
  • A student must meet specific course prerequisites for admission into certain courses.

Current Offer

International Scholarship for Advanced Students:

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