Top 5 colleges under National University


National University has announced the ranking of colleges.NU listed top 5 colleges as the best among 685 colleges. The aim of making the rank of colleges is to improve the quality of education. It will increase the competition among colleges which is the key to improve the quality of education.


The rank was based according to the result of Honours/Masters and 31 other indexes of colleges under NU. The Vice-Chancellor of NU Professor Dr. Harun-Or-Rashid announced the ranking in a press conference on Saturday.

NU’s top 5 colleges are – Rajshahi College, Eden Women’s College, Dhaka College, Dhaka Commerce College, and Government Brojomohun College.

The top government college was Rajshahi College and the top Non-Government College was Dhaka College, according to NU’s latest rank. Eden Women’s College was selected as the best Women College.

The top college will be awarded crests and certificate on 20 May.