Polytechnic Diploma in Engineering Admission 2016 : How to apply

BTEB Diploma Result

Application of Diploma in Engineering Course admission started on Monday, 30 May, 2016. Students will be able to apply online for all Government polytechnical institutes and technical schools and colleges. Application is open until 12 June, 2016.

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  • Students who got at least GPA 3.5 and have at least GPA 3 in General or Higher Math in 2014,2015 and 2016’s SSC exam will be able to apply for the admission.
  • 2 years trade course (Approved by Bangladesh Technical Board) passed students will be able to apply if they are under 22 years old on the last date of the application.

How to Apply

Students can apply for 1st and 2nd shift. Students will have to pay application fees 24 hours before they apply online.  Applying for 1 shift will cost 150Tk and 2 shifts will cost 300Tk.

To pay the application fee, type

DTE<space>First 3 letters of Board<space>Roll<space>Year<space>Reg. No. <space>Shift

And send it 16222

Example: DTE DHA 123456 2016 9876543210 A

And send it to 16222

Here ‘DHA’ is the first 3 letters of the board, ‘123456’ is Roll, ‘2016’is passing year, ‘9876543210’is Registration number and ‘A’ is for 1st shift.

Note: Type “A” for 1st shift, “B” for 2nd shift and “C” for both shifts.

Submitting application

Students will be able to apply for 10 institutions for 1 shift and 20 institutions for both shifts.

  • Visit www.techdu.gov.bd or www.moedu.gov.bd or www.bteb.gov.bd or www.nsdc.gov.bd and click “apply online” button.
  • Enter and select all the necessary data in the application form.
  • If anyone applies for both shifts, he will have to select the shift according to priority.
  • Students will be have to attach their recently taken colour photo (300px X 300px).
  • After entering all the necessary data, click submit.
  • After that, a preview of the application will appear with a tracking number. This tracking number will be used as admission roll.
  • Then print the form.

The result of admission will be published on 18 June, 2016. Admission from merit list will be held from 19 June to 22 June. Admission from the waiting list will be held from 25 June to 25 July.

Class will start from 16 August, 2016.